Reaction to Zadie Smith Discussion

Facebook, and other social media sites, have become a prevalent part of most people’s lives, especially those of a younger generation. Throughout Zadie Smith’s article “Generation Why?” she is discussing her views on social media and how it has affected our lives. In our discussion in class last week many of us either shared the same or similar views towards social media.
In the article, Smith talks about how the 2.0 kids (or the social media generation) have been creating an entirely new world, almost like a parallel universe where we can create an entirely new self, we can choose the information the world sees, the photos and videos of ourselves at our best and the quotes and sayings that make us seem the most intelligent, funny or appealing to others, which at times is okay (people do the same thing off of social media). Many have become so sucked into the world of social media that it begins to have a great affect on how they live their everyday lives. The language used on these social media sites has made its way into the dictionaries, people walk up in the morning and the first thing they do is check their Facebook or Twitter or Instagram and then update said social media site. Where is the line between using social media and having social media take over your life begin and end?


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