Malcolm Gladwell

In “Small Change: Why the Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted” Malcolm Gladwell talks about the difference in activism tactics now versus 50-60 years ago.  I think that some of Gladwell’s points were valid. We do rely a little too much on the Internet and social media to get our point across. Instead of going out and fighting for what we believe in, people stay hidden behind the screen of a computer and simply allow their social media posts do the talking for them. That being said, I do feel that social media can also be a huge help, if used properly. I wrote my participatory post on how social media and Occupy Wall Street. Using OWS as an example again, if it had occurred 50-60 years ago it may not have had as big of a crowd and or impact as it did today. Social media can and is beneficial when used properly. 


One thought on “Malcolm Gladwell

  1. I completely agree. Social media sometimes has the negative effect of making people believe they are helping society by simply clicking a “like” button. But I also believed when used the right way, social media can aid in influencing radical change.

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