World Cup in Qatar 2022

Since Qatar was chosen as the destination for 2022’s World Cup, soccer fans from all over the world have been concerned and protesting the location. A couple of the reasons for this protest is because of the weather conditions in Qatar during June and July, and the treatment of migrant workers in the Arab state. According to the polls during the bidding of which country it would be held, Qatar got more votes than the United States.

News sites such as The Guardian have been reporting that there is a presence of forced labor and slavery in Qatar, and that there have already been deaths while building the destination for the championships. Along with this, people are concerned for the fans and players because of the brutal heat in the summer, which is when the games will be held along with practices.

Along with this, the inspectors for Fifa didn’t expect Qatar to be the winning location. I personally have never heard of the country, and I would have thought that the United States would be more popular. With all of the rumors and protests occurring, it shouldn’t have even been an option. It’s strange how they chose that location after picking Brazil for the upcoming World Cup in 2014 as well, which is a well-known country, and known for their soccer.

This issue, however, is not covered by the media in the United States as much as “issues” like Miley Cyrus. On the Huffington Post’s top stories, Miley Cyrus saying something inappropriate on Saturday Night Live is featured on the second page of the news stories, while the protests going on in Qatar about dangerous weather and exploited workers didn’t show up once.


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