Diary vs Photo Album

I have come to the conclusion that there are two types of people on Facebook. There are diary people and there are photo album people, and I guess one very small group of ninja people, (the people who have a Facebook and watch everyone but never post a thing so you forget they are watching) but mostly two types of people. Diary people are the types of people who post multiple times a day, every day. Dairy people do not simply update us on what they are up to but tell us about their deepest darkest feelings, make sweeping declarations about life and how people should behave, and say whatever needs to be said, no matter how outrageous. And then there are photo album people. Photo album people never post more than twice a week. Their posts usually consist of more pictures than actual text and these pictures have far less selfies than the average diary person. Photo album people use Facebook as a way to document what they find important to keep people updated on the milestones of their life and have something to look back at, like a photo album. Diary people aren’t usually very concerned about the feedback on their post, their Facebook, even though public, is more for them, like a diary.

I am a photo album person. I like to look through my newsfeed once in a while like I would a photo album. I can always look at my Facebook without feeling the urge to delete a post I made. I do not have what it takes to be a diary person. I once found a diary I had from when I was younger and could not get passed the third page. The person who wrote those entries seemed foreign, and I was embarrassed for myself. I quickly disposed of the diary and moved on. If I was a diary person on Facebook my newsfeed would have less on it than it does now because I would continually be going back to my page to delete yesterdays post. I would change to a ninja person on Facebook before becoming a diary person.


3 thoughts on “Diary vs Photo Album

  1. I like that Facebook can be split up into two: Diary vs Photo Album. I’m definitely under the photo album category. I feel that mostly women use Facebook to post images and guys just have it to have it. I try to not write much on Facebook because honestly, who really cares!

  2. I would say im less of a diary person and more of a photo album chic being that I take a lot of pics. I am guilty of criticizing the diary people at times but I admit that I vent on facebook from time to time but I usually keep my status to a minimum.

  3. Your post had me laughing especially your description of ninja people which I found quite spot on and slightly terrifying. I totally related to your description of diary people and photo people as it’s a good way to describe the patterns in which many people use Facebook. It also reminded me of the rare diary/photo-album hybrids, every one has one or two on their friends list. Not only do they use Facbeook like twitter but they have photo diarrhea as well. Every event is documented, when Facebook had 60 photo limit to an album it would take them three albums to capture one event as their posts canabalize your wall.

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