On the media: About Face

I grew up believing it was the job of reporters to give us the facts. Now I wonder if there are any reporters interested in anything more than creating a story that will sell. Recently the story of Chad Henderson was widely reported, by trusted news sources. He was portrayed in a way that would reflect well on Obamacare. He was a potential poster boy for Obamacare. And yet a small but relevant and important fact was not disclosed. He hadn’t actually bought insurance.

Reporting like this is extremely upsetting. Reporters should know better. It is extremely difficult to hide things from the public. When stories are reported this way we as a public feel betrayed. We invest our trust to these news organizations and take what is reported by them and believe them to be true. To then find out that a very important piece of information was deliberately kept from us is offensive. Reporting this way also hurts causes, now any positive report about Obamacare is going to be scrutinized so closely and even if everything is intact, there will still be many non-believers since they were fooled before.


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