I am on the internet a lot.  I can admit that.  I am a social media user.  I have a Facebook, a twitter, and an instagram account.  I do not use the different types of social media the same way.  I use my Facebook to make my sports opinions known.  My friends have joked that I am more useful than ESPN.  I always found that funny but I can see what they’re saying because I am very opinionated, especially about sports.  

I also use Facebook to keep in touch with people.  I am from Massachusetts.  I obviously go to school out of state so I do not get to see my friends from home as much as I would like to. Facebook is very helpful in this situation.  I am able to see what my friends are doing and talk to them.  It helps me feel closer to home.  I’m going abroad next semester and it will be even more helpful then.

I use my instagram and twitter much differently than my Facebook.  I almost never post pictures on instagram or tweet anything.  I use these two accounts to see what other people are doing.  I especially like looking at twitter to see what sports analysts say during sporting events.  


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