Online Habits

“Freedom of my time, freedom of my space” is a quote from Danah Boyd in “Participating in the Always-On Lifestyle”, and I believe it accurately describes my desired view of my online habits. Although most of the time, I see myself as offline on the  media, throughout the week, as a student, I am always-on during the week; answering to professors emails, getting emails, responding to classmates, or text messages from people on campus. As an integrated individual in social media, most of these notifications are expected to be read and most of them require presence and if we fail to do so, the outside world begins to reprimand our behavior.

Although youth may no “guarantee deep engagement with technology” (Lievrouw) , it is certainly correlated. Many people today can easily become integrated into the social media, which eventually leads into a mental integration with the media tool used; iPhone, Blackberry, iPad,etc. The time invested in these specific tools and the matter of approach to them is the way to measure our online habits. Therefore, I think I have a combination or balance of both. I don’t feel the necessity to approach social networks and bombard my emotions or type out every silly thing I did, for it continues to create an online personality that although it is written by me, it can be interpreted in different ways due to the absence of language. To an outsider, my dependence on technology can be seen as an addiction, but today our social tools are so integrated in our lives, that they actually help us facilitate our work due to the immediacy and sense of network it creates around people.


One thought on “Online Habits

  1. As an active participant of the always-on lifestyle, my online habits arent the greatest in terms of what is truly worth my time and time that is wasted. I tend to depend on my phone to integrate myself in social media due to the many functions of an iphone with everything being available at the tips of my fingers. In terms of measuring my online habits, I need to invest in more productive activity to occupy my time.

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