Personal Lifestyle of Always-On

I am guilty of having an account for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Vine. These social media apps and networks have definitely consumed large amounts of time and have distracted me from going to sleep and sometimes even while driving. For Facebook, I find I primarily use it as a source to post images and to look at other people’s walls. I also use Facebook as a way to form groups with teams I’m on and with friends from back home  to communicate together in one perspective. I don’t find it necessary to list what I’m doing 24/7 on Facebook anymore since that’s what Twitter is for.

On Twitter, I mostly use it as a source to publicize my blog posts and to say random things that I encounter throughout my day. For example, going to Chicago for the weekend or re-tweeting Dave Matthews quotes, even about how great a workout I had. I sometimes catch myself and think why am I doing this? Why do I find it necessary to disclose this information for other people to read about? The answer is still unclear to me.

I try not to be “always-on.” At times I walk to and from class with my head down reading e-mails, sending out messages, checking the news, etc. We’re all accountable for doing this. After talking about the effects that this has had on our society and culture, I’ve been more conscious of when I’m always-on. I’ve been trying to take a step back and be more “lonely” or off of the online world. When I eat lunch or dinner with friends I try to leave my phone in my bag so I’m not tempted to check my phone. Putting down the phone, laptop, tablet and whatever else may be distracting and keeping me always-on definitely feels nice. The notion of missing something really isn’t true because I can always scroll down on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Vine to catch up whatever I missed out on.


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