Can the spotlight bring closure?

This week’s On the Media spoke about how families “manage the media” after a tragedy. During this segment some victims claimed that being in the spotlight brought them closure. I can understand wanting to be heard and wanting someone to understand how you feel, that’s why millions of us speak about our problems and hard times on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. But I question whether being put in such a vulnerable position after such a tragedy like a school shooting can really bring a person closure. If I was unfortunate enough to experience such a tragedy I would not want to be put into the spotlight, I would not look to the media to console me. However, I believe I would tell my story out of responsibility. I would feel a responsibility to tell my story so it doesn’t happen again, to help others, not myself.

Rachel’s Challenge is an anti-bullying school assembly that was discussed on this week’s show. Rachel’s Challenge came to my high school when I attended … and almost everyone was deeply moved. Many cried at the family’s story and all signed the pledge to try and be better, to be decent to others. After listening to this week’s segment I wonder if being in the spotlight and being heard has helped bring them closure or if they simply continue to relive their tragedy in hopes of preventing others from occurring.


2 thoughts on “Can the spotlight bring closure?

  1. I agree with Kaitlyn’s response especially when she discusses how the media wouldn’t console her in that situation. I feel like the media is a cold and broad spectrum to get closure from… I preferably would want closure from family and friends close to me and not from the media. I observe the media as a way to retell the story not a way to gain closure. But I guess I can say this now and until that day happens it could be something different.

  2. Questioning if the spotlight can actually bring us closure is something I was questioning for that entire segment of OTM. In agreement, if I were ever caught in a tragedy with media coverage I would not turn to the media for closure. I would almost feel like that is a selfish act to turn to the media for a “therapeutic spotlight.” Family that goes straight to the media is almost like the have had closure, that they are able to bring themselves to talk to the media.

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