On The Media Response

The section of On The Media that struck me the most this week was the segment about the woman who made up the story of being gang raped in Iraq.  This story bothered me a lot.  I was upset by the idea that the media reported this story and then when it turned out to be false essentially ignored it.  I understand that when something first comes out the media wants to get it out there because it will create a splash.  Had this been true it certainly would have been a big deal, at least to me.  I understand that they believed her story.  I can understand that.  I am not immune to this sort of thing.  I see links to stories on social media that I read and get upset about all the time.  The difference is, when I find out they are false I’m willing to admit it.  I just wish that media outlets were willing to do the same.

I think this ties into my research paper topic well too.  One of the main reasons that conspiracy theories start is because the media reports things that are not true and then does not admit to their mistake.


One thought on “On The Media Response

  1. I found this part of the podcast to be really interesting too. The media would never admit a wrongdoing! This case is completely different because this woman was basically a fraud… and they helped her get attention for it.

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