On the Media Response

This week’s On the Media spoke about a few different things. The first was about a major security breach and invasion of personal information within a major credit card company. The next thing that was spoken about was how the media treats people who are experiencing tragic events. I found this part of the podcast to be a lot more interesting because I am currently doing a social problem portfolio on school shootings, which are obviously tragedies.  Through my research for my sociology class, I have learned that the media loves to try and get the victims to talk about the events. I feel like this is completely wrong, no one wants speak about losing a loved one to a complete stranger. I do not think that telling news reporters, who are complete strangers, your emotions is going to help a person cope.

They then go into the story of woman Jamie Lee Jones who claimed to be gang raped in Iraq, but there was no evidence. Clearly, her story was heavily sought after by the media because she was a victim.  When the story first came out the media jumped on it because this is something that would receive a lot of attention. However, It is sad because this never even occurred and the red flags were there the whole time. The media attempts to just sweep this whole thing under the rug, never admitting what really happened.

The media is such a powerful entity and I think these two different things show that very well. Journalists love to prey on those who are going through some type of tragedy because it leads to “good” news. This then leads to the idea of Jamie Lee Jones because she is a prime example of this. She was supposedly raped and speaking out about it creating a lot of media attention.


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