Controlling the Message

I thought that the segment about controlling the message was really interesting.  I think that the President and his staff have had a hard time controlling the message when it comes to Obamacare.  That started when they started calling it Obamacare.  They should have stuck to calling it the affordable care act or just referred to it as health care reform because it instantly became a republican vs. democrat thing instead of an American thing.  I understand why they would want to tell people that they can keep their plan if they like it.  It sounds very appealing and it makes the idea of healthcare reform much less daunting.  If it isn’t true they shouldn’t have said it.  They need to control the message!


One thought on “Controlling the Message

  1. This aspect of Obamacare has bothered me because in most the information I read and the President himself claimed that you could keep your plain if you liked it. For the most part it’s true but it’s not entirely true.

    All health-care plans now have to meet a standard of coverage and the plans that are getting cancelled don’t meet those standards. If your plan does meet those standards, which it does for 95% of the insured then you can keep your plan. The problem is Obama said if you liked your plan you could keep it PERIOD. It doesn’t matter if your new plan will be cheaper, or if it offers better coverage, as it turns out is the case for many of those whose plans are cancelled. Further more, since this is the case, the President should take the GOP outrage and use it to FIX IT and change it that the insurance company has to upgrade your plan and it can change, which the law now prevents, only it has to do so under the regulations of Obamacare i.e your premium can’t go up more than 20% in a given year.

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