On The Media: Don’t Panic!

On the media covered the 75th anniversary of War of the Worlds by Orson Welles. I first learned about War of the Worlds in my Intro to Comm class my freshman year. Ever since then, I have found it to be extremely interesting! I then took History of Radio & TV last year where we went even more in depth. I was not surprised that people were listening to something else and just happened to tune in. In this class, we learned that Welles was in competition with other radio stations and intended to time this “broadcast” for when his competitor broadcasted an unpopular segment. This mass panic was a perfect example of how influential radio was, even as a very young form of media. In the beginning of the podcast there is a clip from a press conference and Welles states,”I simply don’t know, I can’t imagine an invasion from Mars would find ready acceptance” It seems like our generation looks down upon these people who believed this was a real event. However, I think that we are more dependent on technology than ever and it is even easier now to cause mass panic! 


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