The Blair Witch Project


I’ve seen the well-known documentary The Blair Witch Project several times and was always a firm believer that it was true. After class on Monday, I found out that it was a fiction film even though the producers of the film claimed that it was real footage. This makes me think about other horror movies, for example paranormal activity. I’m left thinking is this movie based on a real story or is it a hoax too? I guess I didn’t pay attention enough to realize if The Blair Witch Project was fiction or non-fiction. I would just watch it whenever it played on television. The way the footage of the film was executed got me into believing that the events had happened. The truth behind the film is that it was produced by the Haxan Films production company and the three characters were film students playing the roles. It’s interesting to know this now that The Blair Witch Project was not a real story. It makes me more aware and alert when watching television shows that claim to be “real events” or “based on true-stories.” Because today the media warps everything and we truly can’t tell what’s real and what’s not real anymore.


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