DIY Academy


Out of the three concepts described in DIY Academy, I identified with the concept of digital transformation. What a coincidence that this topic came up in the reading because I am in the process of finishing my research paper where I use the resources in the library. As a student employee at the library, I work directly with many of the librarians who taught me how to use the databases. There are over 50 different types of databases available in alphabetical order on the Manhattanville Website. In addition to the databases, there are electronic journals that also serve as a source to find information.

My favorite database that I use frequently is JSTOR. I have actually used this database for my research paper. In this database you can find scholarly articles that are credible resources for research. Dawson makes the argument stating, “Why should we cling to the isolated, atomistic model of scholarly production…” (271) and I agree which is why I take advantage of all the resources available to help me and expand my knowledge. I think it I evident that we all have learned from other people so I don’t see why people would be hesitant to the ideal of referencing work from others. I don’t see a problem as long as you give credit to the person who’s work your using. Although I am a supporter of the concept it is important to research thoroughly. Before I took the library course that each Manhattanville student must take in order to graduate, I did not know how to use databases. To be honest I had never heard of databases or knew what its purpose was, I usually would just Google any information I was looking for. As far as credible sources and writing for assignments I would use Google scholar to find scholarly articles.  Although the library course was extremely tedious for only one credit, I now find it essentially helpful when researching and I am glad that Manhattanville requires students take the class because it not only improved my writing but it taught me how to use the resources available to me. There no good if I don’t know where to find them or if I don’t know to use them.


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