Loch Ness Monster Hoax


Remember that time when the Loch Ness monster was actually photographed? Yeah, of course everyone knows about it.

Except for it wasn’t real, so nevermind!

It’s actually very common that certain photographs, videos, or sound recordings tend to fool people into believing outrageous things. I feel like everybody’s skepticism takes a break, though, when they get to actually see or hear what the media is telling them about. If people only hear a story in the form of a rumor…then, there’s more chances that they wont believe that it’s true. But when people get to see it for themselves, then they start believing things themselves, because if it’s right in front of their eyes, how could it not be true?

However, technology has made it so much easier for people to pull pranks on others. Editing a sound recording, a video or even a picture has become easy and more accessible to most people, therefore the “making of” of the joke takes little to no effort. And after the creation of it, making it go viral through the internet is also very easy. With Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and all of those media sites online, people can tell all of their friends about it in a second. And when more people know about it, the more real it becomes.


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