Final Semester Project

Our semester project underwent many transformations before Brittany and I finally came up with the idea of a health blog. At first, we were interested in profiling dancers around campus, especially because the Dance and Theater department is really popular at this school. We also had the idea of profiling students with diet restrictions around campus. There are many students that can’t eat certain things and we wanted to interview them to give others with the same diet restrictions options for on campus eating. Then we thought, why not combine both? We were going to profile dancers and there eating habits, but we realized that we would get more viewers if we didn’t limit the blog to a specific group.

We decided to create a blog about surviving college with diet restrictions. We included diet restrictions such as sugar free, pescatarian, vegetarian, vegan, lactose free or diary free, and gluten free. We profiled people with specific diet restrictions in college and asked them to provide tips for other students. However, we also wanted to provide general healthy tips to students without diet restrictions as well. We changed the title of our blog to Health Blog for College Students, which became the final change we made. We realized that students have a one-sided view of the food on campus, so we wanted to reveal ideas of different healthy food options that they can either buy, or mix together from the food offered at the cafe and pub.

It was our hope that students would come to realize that they didn’t have to stick with whatever they were being served at the campus dining locations. We provided quick and easy ways to remain healthy in college, which we all know can be a very hard task. We also took into consideration the suggestions provided by the class and included healthy snacking and healthy desserts.

Here is the link to our blog and we hope everyone enjoys it!


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