Semester Project- End

Throughout the semester Laura and I created a weekly fashion blog where we target college girls and girls who are just starting their career. We wanted our focus to remain fashionable on a budget. Laura and I really enjoyed our semester project. We both have never made blogs before and we actually found it to be fun! When we first started to make our blog on tumblr, we found it to be very confusing. We didn’t know how to post things or even make pictures smaller, after messing around with it we eventually figured it out.

Never in my life did I imagine myself blogging and yet here I am blogging about what I love. I am able to express my opinions about things I like. I love that I am able to share my passion for fashion for others to see and be inspired. I didn’t realize that blogging has become so popular in today’s society. Fashion blogs have become very popular, so it’s very difficult to create a blog that differs from others. We tried to make our blog differ from everyone else and we hope that we accomplished that. On our blog we posted many helpful fashion tips from our own closet, celebrity styles for less, make-up tutorials, and Do it yourself beauty tips. I hope that our blog has become very useful for others and will continue to be useful even after the semester ends.

Here is our blog website, everyone please take a look! If anyone has any suggestions that they would like to see on our blog, please let us know!


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