Semester Project

For my COMM 3046 semester project, I created my blog Harmonizing with Elvis as my “divergent voice” into today’s media.  The process of holding a blog for the entirety of the semester came to be easier than preconceived anxieties thought.  Picking a topic that I was passionate about was most certainly beneficial to this enjoyable process. 

Harmonizing with Elvis is a blog about my journey as an amateur horseback rider, as well as my journey with Elvis; the seemingly unpredictable pony.  What makes the process of the blog meaningful to me is the principal of the blog, Elvis.  Not only I am teaching Elvis but he is also teaching me to be a better, more tactical rider.  Through this blog I am able to exploit the process.  This unexpected partner was able to remind me of why I love this sport so much. 

The process of creating and maintain a blog helped was not as easy as I expected it was going to be.  Having this blog helped me expand my point of view.  My blog required me to reflect on daily events, as well as breaking down the process of riding Elvis.

When riding a pony such as Elvis you are constantly thinking of how to consistently communicate through muscle communication.  From this blog I have diversified my equestrian education I am fortunate to have had this semester project, and am convinced that this blog contributed to my success with harmonizing with Elvis. 


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