Semester Project

For my semester project I created a blog about music entitled “Everything But Top 40: Music You Won’t Hear on Top 40 Radio” The blog featured bands and artists that were heard on the popular Top 40 radio stations. 

Originally I planned to have my blog be constructed of weekly posts the featured profiles, reviews and music samples of various artists that my friends and I listened to. I was able to keep with my constructed post however there were sometimes I would come across a new artist or start digging in my iTunes library and come across a song and just have to post it. I also began to reblog videos and song clips from other music blogs I followed on Tumblr. 

Using hashtags appropriate to the particular post I was able to get a few people to either like my posts or reblog them. I even have a few followers! 

This process as a whole has been fun and kind of stressful. I have my own personal tumblr blog but I never regularly keep up with it. With this one I had to remember to actually blog my post weekly. But it was so much fun to sit down and go through my music library and pick out artists that I thought other people would enjoy. My favorite part of this experience was realizing how excited I would get when I would listen to a new band or artist and my first thought would be to blog about them.

Below is a link to my blog. Hope you guys enjoy it.


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