Semester Project

         My semester project was a love project in the sense that it was something, I had always wanted to do and the fact that it was homework, meant that I had to do it. My project was formatted in an interview style, where I asked the same set of questions to each participant. After which, I added pictures which I felt expressed the subjects’ style(some of which I took). I also included a basic profile on each participant.

The main problem with a project like mine is the fact that it is completely dependent on other people, so scheduling meet-ups and getting pictures though not a Herculean task, was quite difficult. I ran into one participant who after interviewing decided she didn’t want to use her real name or any pictures , so I had to make the best of that situation.

In truth, I loved this project. I got to know people in such a different life and seeing how each of them broke moulds. It was also inspirational to see so many accomplished women at Manhattanville. I also realized that there were too many stereotypes to cover, which in turn made me realize no stereotype is truly 100%.

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