Knox Found Guilty… Again!

Every college student dreams about studying abroad at some point and for Amanda Know that was her Junior year when she went to Italy. Her abroad experience could not have turned more wrong.I found this news to be quite interesting and at the same time alarming because of the inconsistency of the Italian, British and American media.

Amanda Knox was first found guilty of murdering her roommate she had only known for three weeks, Meredith Kercher, seven years ago when she was only twenty. After serving five years in prison she was set free only to be condemned guilty again this past month after two years of freedom. What I found interesting about this story is how the media twisted the story to make it interesting. Rudy Guede, a suspect whom was found later on in the investigation and had his prints all over the crime scene and his DNA was inside the victims body, was given a quick trial and put in jail for even less time that the young American girl set to be a devil with an angel face. The media continued to publicize that Amanda Knox and her boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, had taken Meredith’s life in the midsts of a sexual game or maybe even satanic act when there was no evidence to link them to the crime. They were speculated to have cleaned the murder scene and manipulated Rudy Guede to do all the dirty work and leave the evidence behind.

Being a college student myself, about to enter her Junior year, and interested in studying abroad, this news is very alarming and scary. The faults on our legislative system and the pull the media has on the image of a person can change someones life forever. Amanda Knox convicted of murderer because of her bizarre reactions to her roommate’s death and was linked to the murderer because of her faulty memory about the night before. If this are reasons to cause someone of murder, especially an experimental college student, then most of the college students around the world could be found guilty as charged every sunday morning.


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