All my life i have heard the statement “Knowledge is power” but  with the advancements in technology and  the rapid spread of information have people become too knowledgeable? Is there such a thing as having too much knowledge and information?  Does that even make sense? Before the internet and having google to find out about any topic within seconds, people relied on the experts to learn about a subject or look it up in a huge encyclopedia at the local library. I think the democratization of knowledge can be the best or worst thing that has happened to society. It all depends on how people receive the information and interpret it. Just because someone reads an article online does not mean they have become a complete expert on the given topic. Although the internet and having accessible information has been extremely helpful,  not all information can be accurate, anyone can create information and put it on the web/ media so we must keep that in mind.  I think a huge issue we face is where do we draw the line between what information is credible and should be accessible to the public and which is not. Also, many people might worry about a lack of information, people feel entitled to having information and not permitting certain info to the public may cause suspicion. One issue that worries me is how will people verify something is true or false and who will be the experts of this? By having all information out there for everyone to see, is that in a way confirming that it is all accurate worthy information? 

I honestly do not think you find too much knowledge on the internet. Knowledge to me means not only having intelligence but having wisdom, and having experience. Instead of being more knowledgeable, people may be more enlightened with information whether it is true or false. People use this information in their daily lives to make decisions and assumptions but at the end of the day I do not know if it will be the correct information to do so.  It is all about how people use this information. 


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