Democratization of Knowledge

I just love this phrase: democratization of knowledge. To me this term tells me the freedom to information or the right to know and the spread of that right of knowing to everyone. We discussed in our last class meeting this pass Monday about common’s knowledge and copy righting. Democratization of knowledge and common’s knowledge are like bread and butter. In other words both terms or ideals state that people have the right to all information. Now the question is whether or not in undermines true knowledge. Well we talked about the lack of needing experts to give us information. If we have access to all information that information may not be completely accurate. Why? Well, experts such as doctors spend their entire lives studying, practicing, and fining their skills in that certain field of study. We do not do that. Society all contributing to information and making it available to everyone is nice and useful, but it’s not “true” knowledge. Their will always be crack and holes that prevent us from knowing what a doctor knows much more about because of their countless hours of study. We need these experts as guides. Second question: By changing existing systems knowledge our we changing the course of it? Of course!! That should go without saying. We are changing the way we seek and receive knowledge/information. It is so much easier now and that makes us as a whole lazy, dependent upon the internet. It makes us lose our true values and eventually we will believe anything that Google tells. For example: not every site or article Google links us to is creditable yet most of us are inclined to believe the information it provides. Why? Well why not? It’s on the internet written by someone therefore it must be true. My argument speaks for itself.


One thought on “Democratization of Knowledge

  1. I completely agree with your argument. I believe that “information” is different than “knowledge,” and the processes that we go to gain these materials has a direct impact on the level of our true, learned, level of “knowledge.” Experts are experts for a reason. They have dedicated countless of hours learning and exploring the field of their study, to then inform and help the public with their knowledge(s). Though people who use the Internet to research and post information that is solely restricted to digital platform information (social media, wikipedia, google, youtube, etc.) and what they learn from other Internet sources may not always be reliable and credible considering their true level of learned information, compared to knowledge. The Internet has allowed us to access incredible things, though it has also allowed us to believe that we can become experts at in any field that we wish to explore – which I do not believe is true learned “knowledge,” it is just learned information.

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