Taking Sense Away

This week’s “Inside the TSA” segment was a very interesting one. After listening to it, I was left with many thoughts and questions. Jason Harrington,a TSA employee at O’Hare airport in Chicago, was in fact allowed to voice his thoughts about what was going on with the machines at the airports, but I’m not so sure it was smart to release that information. In a way, I have mixed feelings about his blog because I feel like we have the right to know what really goes on in the airports that everyone uses but that information can land in the wrong hands. There are people who will read his blog or hear this segment and attempt to go through these full body scanners with metal items such as guns or knives. This will eventually cause so much chaos in the airports with security and elongate the security checkpoint process for travelers. Its not to say that this will definitely happen, but I feel that there are those out whom will attempt to go past the checkpoint to test out whether or not the x-rays will catch their belongings.
This also raises questions about how secure we really are in the airport. Ever since 9/11 a lot of rules and processes were put in tact to protect our well being,but after hearing this segment it puts things in perspective about how many people went through the xray machine with no problems.
This segment was very eye opening and it reminded me that every occupation has its secrets. A mailman may carry secrets of what goes on in the process of delivering our mail, a store clerk carries secrets of the process  we take of purchasing goods, but is it necessary to inform the public in hope that it won’t change the way the public carries out those activities?


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