The Brain Behind the Composer?

In this article we are introduced two people; The composer of beautiful music that has transcended to be a part of a very impacting event in Japanese history, and the poser. This all started when the Olympian Japanese skater,Daisuke Takahashi, was planning on using a very beautiful and symbolic piece thought to be written by Mamoru Samuragochi. Shortly after we learn that Japanese media has been living under a twenty year hoax and that Samuragochi has not been composing all this music. His story is a classic hero romantic story because of how he overcame his hardship of being deaf and even then continuing to compose music when he might not even be deaf, or so is reported.

Samuragoshi, who has been compared to Beethoven because of his hearing impairment, turns out not to be hearing impaired at all. Takashi Niigaki, the brains behind the music, came clean before the big skater’s performance in Sochi because he didn’t want to make Takahashi, the skater, an accomplice to such a big lie.

The most important issue is the fact that the piece that was lied about was originally composed for the victims of the Hiroshima nuclear disaster. This makes the news be even more controversial. How can they trust a man, Samuragochi, who has lied to the whole country’s face?

Then came the question of how did no one find this out before? It was said that because classical music had been losing following in every single part of the world, to find someone like Samuragoshi, whom was portrayed and styled as a pop star, was special. For Japanese meadia it was not even worth looking into his credibility and then again, why would someone fabricate such a lie in the first place?

I found this report to be very alarming because of how little people care about knowing who these starts are, they just care about their fabricated fame. It is the same as the Mathew Mills debacle from last week. Journalism is losing credibility and it is just shocking sometimes to realize how little of the truth is really reaching the audience.


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