Culture Jamming

It is healthy for a culture, society to analyze and critique itself. Culture Jamming allows people to protest some serious issues and bring awareness in a safe non violent way.No society is perfect and there are many things I know the United States could reflect on and try to improve. For example the image that seems like an advertisement for CoverGirl features a monkey wearing lipstick. This is taking a popular mainstream makeup brand and altering the purpose and message of the ad. The is a protest on animal testing for things like makeup. Culture jamming is a beneficial genre of new media especially since new media has influenced even more issues in our society. There are more humorous examples like The Onion, which is a satirical news website. The websites writes about actual current events but it is put in different perspective and not written like  the mainstream news outlets. 


One thought on “Culture Jamming

  1. These examples are awesome and on point. I feel most strongly about the MTV ad and the WebMD ad. Moronic Television is by far how I have felt about MTV since it stopped actually being about music and became excessively vulgar, crude, classless and distasteful. As for WebMD, that website is a sick joke (pun not intended). It wrongly leads people to believe what they [if they even do] have wrong with them and usually is far more incorrect than it is correct; considering people think they have the extremities of the descriptions when they do not at all. The website was created to avoid doctor bills, understandable at a glance, but in real life, the internet is not downloading you a human with a PHD, eyes, and ears.

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