Open Source as Culture/ Culture as Open Source

While a society in which which information is accessible seems ideal, I believe in the use of copyright. In the beginning, it was stated that “through most of human history all information technologies and almost all technologies were ‘open source'”. There was in fact a time when all forms of information were available to the public. Copyright is meant to protect the owner to the rights. I support copyright when it comes to someone’s profession- an author or musician- because it provides that person their income and allows them to be proud of their work. They are still sharing it to the world, however, as long as it is bought by the public. Stallman wanted to have access to source codes in order to fix the software at MIT. Granted his intentions were good, but what if the wrong person had access to them? We live in the digital age and while it sounds exciting, it is also pretty scary because people are able to hack into our computers and smartphones and retrieve personal information; identify theft has become a huge problem in our country. While I do believe we are entitled to information, I also believe there is a certain limit so we are all protected. 

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