Rewriting Vietnam War History

After hearing the On The Media’s coverage of, I was left quite dispirited about the government but still hopeful for society. So we hear that the U.S. is hiding or rather trying to rewrite the regrettable history of the Vietnam war through a little interactive online  timeline created by the government. This was  very fitting after discussing how heinous Russia was as compared to the U.S. Maybe I’m putting words in peoples mouths, but I’m pretty sure that we all saw their government as abominably corrupt. I mean capitalism and big businesses rule our news, but in addition to that, our gov’t is acting like those monsters across the Pacific!

So what did I think after this story? I thought first of all that one historian and record keeper of events is definitely not enough. But as the podcast mentioned, other journalists have long disproved some things previously thought true. That’s great, but this is our government after all. And I’m sure we’d all hope them to be more credible than other sources, especially since their data is ostensibly more fact-checked (thanks to NSA wire-taps) than an independent historian. The promising news was that this problem was caught and hopefully can be corrected in the future. If we are the stockholders/owners of the government, then it is our job to check-up on incumbent management, demand share buybacks, and know what the hell is going on in the business and in its past. Easier said than done, the public is more likely to sign petitions to deport Justin Beiber ( than attack a Vietnam War commemoration site.

I also think that this is a gateway story for people to fantasize about millions of other things that the gov’t could be concealing from us. Sure, maybe it’s happening. But what do I do to uncover it? Look for leads on government timelines? Vote for the county executive that says he’ll bring down corruption? It’s like watching a man die because you don’t know CPR. You know it’s bad, but what can you do? I in no way like what the gov’t is doing, but I’m not going to run for office just to try and stop it. Where do we go from here?

Feel free to enlighten me in the comments since our professor wants us all to comment more. I’m pretty much setting you up to get a good grade, thank me later.


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