Antitrust Laws and Media Barons

As a loyal Netflix user, a movie enthusiast, and a potential law student merger of Comcast and Time Warner Cable seems a little problematic to me. This merger could affect us on two different levels; as suggested on “On The Media,” “Combining the country’s two largest triple play companies… could do more than reach deeper into our wallets, it could shape how many of us experience the flow of ideas.” The deal will leave millions of users with no other choices stay in the hands of Comcast. The Antitrust Laws passed by the congress “proscribe unlawful mergers and business practices” (FTC). According to the Federal Trade Commission “some mergers change market dynamics in ways that can lead to higher prices, fewer or lower-quality goods or services, or less innovation.” These are the things that the host of “On The Media” and Susan Crawford, professor of law at Harvard University, find troublesome. The idea behind the free and open market is to provide the users with more choices and more competition for the providers which is opposite to what seems to be happening with the Comcast and Timer Warner merger. According to the show, the company can potentially exercise it’s powers ad resources to challenge their competitors. The merger seems to be violating the Antitrust Laws; it is now upon the court to decide how millions of Netflix users watch “House of Cards.”


One thought on “Antitrust Laws and Media Barons

  1. I completely agree that this combination of media outlets would be overall problematic. Not only would this merge cause costs to go up but it would completely defeat all other media outlets from competing with this power house. Being a big Netflix fan as well I would be extremely upset if this merge started making the viewing less clear and more limited, as mentioned in the podcast. I feel like as a viewer we have a right to variety and the option to choose to view media from multiple perspectives and genres and I fear that this merge with skew our options and only have negative effects.

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