You Don’t Even Go Here.

It is alarming to realize the reality of our Homeland Security and Border Patrol officers. Personally it is offensive to hear of news like these in the radio. To think that the rights of born americans, naturalized, or residents, are just shattered the second they look different than the common belief of what an American looks like is not unexpected but plain wrong.
The United States has one of the most diverse cultures in the world and this makes the concept of, “what does an American look like,” an impossible thing to grasp. If the United States has people from all over the world like Ireland, France, Italy, India, Pakistan, Russia, Uruguay, Panama, Cuba, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic, then who decides how an American looks like.
An American should look like the documents they are able to provide. If they are in the country in legal terms, they should be able to be free and enjoy all the same rights as other’s who look like “Americans” and might not even be legal. It is an ignorant belief to think that because you look like you are from somewhere around the world where going to the United States would be a step up, that you are either an illegal immigrant or on a partial visa.
I remember being in high school and having my teacher tell me that what makes a person from a specific country is not where you were born, or how you look like, but nationalistic ideas. It has to do with the idea of where you think you belong and what country you are willing to fight for. If people have to go through the very extensive process of being naturalized, swearing that they would give their lives for the American people and the greater nation, and getting their citizenship, then with what right does the border patrol think they can just stop me because I look different to what the ideal American.
I am Dominican and the amount of jokes that I hear from fellow students about how my visa will expire soon or how all I want in life is a green card, is just appalling. What no one cares to ask is if I am American, how could I be American, right? Well I was born in Manhattan, New York. I lived illegally in the Dominican Republic for sixteen years until my parents actually did the paperwork to double my nationality and I am now back in New York for school. I am both American and Dominican and no one would have ever known.


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