Twitter Cartography

Being a decently active Twitter user myself, I found this section of On the Media to be particularly engaging. This social network engine starting off as a means of freedom of expression, where essentially anyone could make a personal account and in 140 characters or less make a statement, joke, argument or pretty much anything about any topic. The site became more and more popular and has now obtained many more types of usage. For example, celebrities have now joined Twitter to communicate with their fan base or further advertise themselves. More recently, Twitter users have seen major corporations and brands joining the world and creating accounts to educate users on their products, promotions, events and sales. The most interesting and useful addition that I myself have noticed on twitter is the fact that media outlets, such as local News channels have also joined Twitter in order to get their stories out faster and more efficiently to users by simply posting a tweet. To me it is truly amazing what this small social network engine has morphed into. It is evident that this engine has become a “core component of the global communication system”, as stated in On the Media. We can now see that Twitter has more influential on not only our own cultures, but in quickly educating others on various different cultures as well. This is why naturally experts our now trying to chart different types of communications within Twitter to discover whats effective and where we can see trends occurring. This growing site as stated, is the perfect opportunity for social scientists to study and making impacting discoveries which is what they are trying to do exactly. I think that the idea of the social scientists to map different types of communication is extremely interesting, whether people are communicating to each other, talking about the same thing but not to each other (like a brand),  talking about the same person but not to that person directly (a celebrity’s comment), or just simply complaining about the same things to their own followers but not actually connecting with each other. All these conversations are using the same basis or topic to start communication and create this web which spreads in multiple different directions and people but most interestingly all connects back to that one original basis or topic. The amazing part to me is the fact that all these webs of information and ideas all have a different perspective and spin which naturally is interesting to see. We are now able to study dimensions of human behavior so easily, stated in this segment. Personally, from a research perspective i think that these studies will make mapping Twitter so easily accessible and be able to answer many questions that social scientists may have about human behavior much more easily. The information will reveal obviously good information about our society as well as bad; but to me both sides and their discoveries are what sparks to much interest in finding out. Conclusively, I found this segment to be very interesting and extremely connected to the current times of the way our society using the media to communicate and how we can learn from it. 


One thought on “Twitter Cartography

  1. I agree with your statement that Twitter is a ” growing site as stated, is the perfect opportunity for social scientists to study and making impacting discoveries which is what they are trying to do exactly”. Twitter is used for all kinds of social interactions and it interesting to analyze the way people use this media site to gather and speed information. The communications theories can apply to Twitter and often times I find there should be new theories created that explain how people tend to express themselves on only on Twitter but online.

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