Response to “What Became of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370?”

The idea of losing a plane, to me, sounds like a joke. I mean with the technology out there you would think something like this is hard to come by. It is, however, the unfortunate reality faced by those on that flight and their loved ones. I cannot fathom having to go through this situation; it is quite bizarre. As mentioned in the segment, we have more questions than answers. For starters, is this an act of terrorism? Did the plane safely land? Are there any casualties? Where is the plane?

I was watching the news last night and they spoke of a “V” in which they presume the airplane could be; it ranges going northwest to southwest from the plane’s last place of detection and everywhere in between. As they were explaining this, I found it to be unhelpful. The plane can be anywhere.

As per normal, there are a bunch of conspiracy theories with this event. I heard the other day that the last thing the pilot was heard saying before the plane’s radar went off was “goodnight.” It is rather an odd thing to hear considering the plane was flying midday. Here is where my theory comes in. Call me crazy but I think there was someone on the plane with a motive. This person probably sedated the pilots, causing the pilot to say “goodnight,” turned the radar system off and took over the plane from there. This is where I find myself with more questions: where did he take the plane? Why did he take the plane? Who is he? Are the pilots and passengers safe?

This is truly an unfortunate situation and I look forward to the solution.


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