Terrorist Attack or Plane Malfunction?

It is funny how still today, even after how much we brag about technology advances, a plane transporting 239 people, can just disappear out of thin air. Personally, it is not the air piracy aspect of this issue that inspired me to write about it, but the way the media is portraying the situation. For some news reports, the pilot is the terrorist, for others, the Iranian’s with the stolen passports. It reminds me to the situation with Knox case of the girl who went abroad. Every news broadcaster sees what they want to see, and most importantly, what they want to sell, and report it as truth.
This specific news has changed so much over the past few days that you would have to stay updated by the hour to keep up with all the new information. First it was reported that the plane supposedly feel off the sky when it went off the radar. They basically used this story to make up for the fact that they had lost the plane and had no idea what had happened to it. Fuel was found in the ocean near to were the plane was supposed to fly by and this reinforced the theory that it was a plane malfunction.
After a couple of days we learned that the plane was actually sending pings for at least five to seven more hours after it went off the grid proving that it did not just fall of the sky. This new information led them to change their search plan completely.
Only after this was learned by the public did the media start with the conspiracy theories about who took over the plane and what will happen to the 239 passengers that were traveling on the plane.
It was very alarming on how fast these theories were changing and how drastically the theories would be. It shows how much can we really trust the media after all.


3 thoughts on “Terrorist Attack or Plane Malfunction?

  1. I completely agree with you. When I first heard of the plane missing I just couldn’t understand how a plane could just disappear. In a matter of hours, so many different conspiracies were thrown out there. Just this week it was reported that the plane crashed in the Ocean, but yet they backtracked saying they don’t know this for sure and they can’t go on to search. It just seems like the media can’t keep up with all the stories and thoughts that are out there. Nowadays it’s just so hard to believe what the media is reporting because just by switching the channel you can get a completely different story or idea of what happened. Only time, and the media, will tell what REALLY happened.

  2. Exactly, It is really hard for the media to know what to report because they want to be the first and they want to get it right but by getting it wrong all these times. Also it could be that government are holding back informations, which is most likely in a case like this, but again the media shouldn’t just go crazy saying the first thing that comes to mind, what happened to research and background checks on sources?

  3. I think this is a perfect example of how the media develops thoughts and ideas to stir up the public. Though it is an extremely sad and unfortunate event, and deserved its news coverage, the disappearance of the plane was covered daily since it was first lost, and within that time, there were multiple stories, theories, and accusations that had developed in such a short period of time. I am sure that viewers were genuinely concerned about the planes whereabouts, and hopeful that it would be found, though it was I don’t believe it was necessary for the media to construct an endless amount of stories and theories just to keep audience “informed” on what was going on. It was reported the other day that debris was found in the Indian Ocean, and while I want to believe that it was the plane, and that we found closure on its disappearance, I can’t fully allow myself to believe that it is in fact flight 370 because of how many stories were produced concerning it.

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