Remix Essay

Lessig makes a very valid argument in his Remix essay. The more control there would be on copyright would lead to people being able to speak more of their own, allowing them to be more creative. On a certain level I agree to this, but overall I think that the freedom we have to access and use information helps us learn more take away from our creativity. Lessig mentions how tedious it would be if we had to write to the Hemmingway Estate just to be able to use three lines from his essay. As true as this is, Hemmingway is seen as an incredible writer to quote and is well respected for his writing. People base their knowledge off of his creativity. Michael Moorcock, a British non-fiction writer once said, “Find an author you admire, and copy their plots and characters in order to tell your own story just, just as people learn to paint by copying the old masters.” This quote is a fine line between plagiarism and creativity. We look to the past to see what has worked because we want our work to be just as successful. I think it is great to quote the people before us, to make sure we are on the right path and we can also form our own ideas based on them. Our successors help us be creative, they don’t take away from it. As long as we continue to always cite whatever we take, everything will seem normal. This has been a way of the world since before copyright was even invented. I believe more strict copyright laws is just another way for the government to make money off of us.


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