Not So Presidential Adress

It was insulting to see the levels this administration has had to go to to reach their unattainable demographic. I am pretty sure there are other ways they could have gone but to go for not only comedy but also insulting and mocking this adminitsration to interest the youth was as condescending as it gets. The worst past was that it was done by Obama himself.
This could be seen as a reflection to how little overall support this president has from young people and how desperate he is to be able to reach them. Someone did mention that if we critic advertisements today as being obscene and insulting then why in the world would our president, one of the most influential and respected people in the world, scoops down to insulting and mocking himself and his administration to reach the youth.
It is expected that as young people we are striving to be better educated and for this reason we attend high school and then move on to college and continue our educations. Having this in mind then don’t try to buy my vote and my interest by treating me like some statistic that proves that humor sells. If we are going to say humor sells then lets just make a man and a women have sex in TV while the logo of is featured on the corner or make them go for an STD test because after all, sex sells right?
It is understandable that he had to look for new alternatives to advertise but it is not acceptable the way he chose to go about it.


One thought on “Not So Presidential Adress

  1. I agree that this was not an acceptable way to go about getting a message across. I think it is also really important to think about why they did it and what that says about our generation. I completely agree that as the youth we are always striving to better ourselves and gain a better education, but this video really makes me wonder what the government and society in general thinks of us. Are we seen by society as a whole as just dumb kids who cannot handle basic concepts unless they are dumbed down? Who said that we were that dumb? What statistics are they basing this research off of? It really scares me that this how they feel they must connect to our generation and what that says about where we are headed as a nation.

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