Research Paper: Dissecting Women Advertisements

For my semester research paper I am going to study advertisements, most specifically pertaining to women, and analyze and dissect them to evaluate the underlying stereotypes and societal beliefs. I will preform research of many different advertisements, including fashion, beauty, automobile, lifestyle, food and drink, etc., and use them to formulate and support a conclusion on how advertisements resemble women in particular ways, to represent beliefs that are present in our society and culture. The communication through these advertisements is vast, and extremely persuasive, and has the ability to impact all people and either support, reinforce, or transform their beliefs on the matter of the advertisement.  We do not realize how influential advertisements in our everyday lives are, and how much they contribute to our beliefs and views of many different things.

In the past, I took a course dedicated to the study of advertisements, and their symbolic meaning, and how they represent societal and cultural beliefs, and communicate different meanings through each ad. I found it to be extremely interesting, and I believe that it will stimulate an exciting and intriguing research paper; therefore it will be the topic for my final essay.


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