Which Public Radio Hosts are our Hosts?

I enjoyed listening to the On The Media segment discussing quizzes on Buzzfeed a lot because I, myself enjoy taking the quizzes that are often posted there. I agree with what was said,  quizzes do not actually depict us as people at all, but I believe it is true that people take those quizzes because we want to know what is interpreted by these algorithms with the information we give them. I also agree with the statement that we take them because we are fascinated that the outcome is based on us, but I think its human nature for people to be more interested in things that are about them than other people.

Sometimes the quizzes on Buzzfeed are very predictable and one can kind of control the outcome of the quiz by choosing what they think will lead them to their desired outcome. For example, I took a quiz titled, What country should you have studied abroad in? I knew that if I chose that my favorite food was pasta, my favorite desert was gelato, and that I enjoy spending a lot of time with my family, I was skewing my results to be that I should have studied in Italy. I wanted to do this so that I could ensure my results were what I wanted.

There are also ridiculous quizzes on there, such as “Are you Drake?” There were questions such as “were you born on his birthday” yes/no. “Is your first name Aubrey?” yes/no. Questions that were so specific that,obviously if you were answering them truthfully, your outcome would be “No you are not Drake.” These quizzes were designed to be laughed at and not to be taken seriously, but it does go to display how we love it when we are allowed to put our input and somehow control results.



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