Economic Inequality Research Paper

My research paper is on economic inequality in the United States and media coverage around it. I am proving that there is indeed a lack of coverage on the event. A chunk of my paper will go towards discussing Occupy Wall Street, a huge recent protest trying to raise awareness of corporate greed. Media coverage of it was sometimes supportive, but usually negative, and it was the indymedia online sources that really propelled this movement. is the main website for the Occupy movement, created by “various radicals at the Occupy Solidarity Network.” Besides for op-eds and various propaganda pieces, the website serves a bulletin board as schedules/maps for marches/protest using mediated mobilization. This is a very primary source on how the Occupy movement views economic inequality, and their forum discusses many different media coverage topics.

Economic Inequality and What You Can Do About It: A Primer and Call to Action by Richard Dumont is a great source for proving economic inequality exists. This is necessary because I don’t want to lose audiences when I tell them how the media is covering inequality if they don’t believe that it exists. It’s a short book that talks about the negative effects in society due to this inequality.

How The Media Covered Occupy Wall Street-And Crony Capitalism by Mark Milke is an journal article that can be found with some simple googling, it analyzes news sources covering Occupy Wall Street and if they were actually reporting on just the event or actually talking about corporate corruption/subsidies.

There are many academic journals on the subject, including #Occupy Wall Street: Exploring Informal Learning About A Social Movement On Twitter by Benjamin Gleason. It explores how OWS was discussed on twitter. Sometimes positively or to gather the troops, but sometimes critique it.

I am also looking at Russia Today (, I’m sure most of us are familiar with the site by now. They were actually nominated for an international news emmy award for their extensive coverage of the OWS movement.

In class, our Professor mentioned OWS spokesman Jesse LaGreca who can be seen here- I want to look at youtube videos and analyze television news coverage of the events and underrepresentation.

Here are some more sources while I’m at it, let me know if you want to send you my full bibliography.

DiPasquale, Christina. “Media Matters on Income Inequality Coverage Ahead of State of the Union Speech | Common Dreams.” Common Dreams. N.p., 27 Jan. 2014. Web. 27 Mar. 2014. <;.

  •  Analysis of recent income inequality news from major networks before Obama mentions the inequality in his State of the Union Address.

Kurtz, Howard. “Are the media buying into the Democrats’ ‘income inequality’ push?.” Fox News. FOX News Network, 8 Jan. 2014. Web. 27 Mar. 2014. <;.

  • Is the media believing that income inequality exists, because Democrats are pushing it for ‘political points.’

Karlin, Mark. “Readers Tell CNN, “We Want More Coverage of Income Inequality”.” Truth Out. N.p., 30 Oct. 2013. Web. 27 Mar. 2014. <;.

  • CNN readers are pushing CNN to include more coverage of economic inequality. This awareness is apparently connected to the OWS movement.



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