KONY 2012

As mentioned in class, I will be doing my research paper on the infamous KONY 2012 campaign. As I was doing research on the internet about KONY 2012, there were many recent articles about it. I learned that Obama sent troops to Uganda to look for Joseph Kony. With that being said, the KONY 2012 campaign is still going on and there are attempts to fulfill the original mission. I mainly wanted to explore how the KONY 2012 gathered the attention of many young people via social networks and how that led to it’s downfall. Once it became popular, media outlets focused on proving the world that the man behind it was scamming it’s supporters.


Here are some important sources I would like to use in my paper:


  • The actual website for the KONY campaign tracked their own success. It’s interesting to see the difference between the media’s reports versus what KONY 2012 says.


  • This is the report of KONY 2012 founder Jason Russell getting arrested for masturbating and running around in public. This specific incident shifted people’s views of the entire campaign. It was interesting to see how this important situation went from being reported on well known news sources to TMZ which we all know is a source for reporting celebrity gossip.


  • This article talks about Obama sending troops to search for Kony. the Government does not want to release information on how many troops they sent and where they will be stationed. It’s interesting that in 2012 when KONY 2012 first launched everyone was very interested, now there is less people talking about this. If this article was written 2 years ago during it’s peak, everyone would be talking about it.






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