#PoorLeo #GiveLeoAnOscar

Poking fun: Another Twitter user wrote a series of comical captions on screen grabs of the star from the Oscars broadcast

The moment Jennifer Lawrence said  Matthew mcconaughey won the oscar for Best Actor all over the internet people began posting memes of Leonardo DiCaprio being upset about losing. In reality he seemed to have no reaction to losing, but as always leave it to the media to be over dramatic. On Twitter hashtags #poorleo and #GiveLeoAnOscar were trending after the awards show.


4 thoughts on “#PoorLeo #GiveLeoAnOscar

  1. This post is actually perfect. Just today I was talking to some co-workers in the break room about this as Catch Me If You Can was playing. It really is unfortunate that this talented actor has not won an Oscar; I’m starting to think the Academy is making a joke out of him. Every movie I watch, old or new, I think he deserves an Oscar for, but of course it just doesn’t happen. It really is mind-boggling because we all know how great he is and we all know how much he deserves it. But as I’m writing this I start to think, do awards really measure how skilled and talented an actor really is? Nonetheless it is still nice to win and have something symbolize hard work. Fingers crossed Leo gets one- and soon!

  2. I agree with you! The academy might be stubborn in giving Leo an award because of the stress the media puts on Leo not receiving the award. Thanks to the internet memes, the academy and entire media knows how much of a big deal it is for a popular actor to receive an award. Now thinking about it, it might be a marketing tool to keep viewers interested and hoping that each year Leo might get the Oscar finally. I think you bring up an interesting point about what an award means anyway. These awards shouldn’t represent the talent of an actor. Regardless Leo should receive an award just because he deserves to be recognized for all the great work he has done.

  3. This is a really good example. The use of social media and memes has allowed for people to be extra dramatic and imaginative. I find memes to be really funny, usually immature and silly, but ultimately they represent our culture and society in alternative ways than the mainstream media does.

  4. Almost missed this post, thought I’d drop some Leo memes that I enjoy. And after seeing Wolf of Wall Street, I didn’t think Leo deserved best actor anyway. I guess part of me thinks that playing a hedonistic ass is really easy to do, but that would have to be in comparison to the personality of the actor. I think some roles just aren’t Oscar-worthy, whatever that may mean.

    http://abload.de/img/1393825489951e3x9s.gif (Jonah hill’s glance)

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