Media, Politics and Society

As I started my research for my research paper I realized how much media actually affects politics and society. My first topic of research was the Kony campaign for invisible children. I read a post already in the blog about it, but my focus is how media was used to mobilize people and to get people aware of an issue that for a while was thought to be a scam and fake. Jason Russel, creator and filmmaker for the Kony 2012 campaign, graduated from the Southern California Film School with a degree in Cinema Production. He then decided to pursue and idea he got when he met Jacob, a Ugandan running away from the LRA. He made a thirty minute video that hit youtube May 3rd, 2012. The video is so well made and the story line so compellingly told that the thirty minutes fly by without one even realizing it.
Studying film production prepares you to portray and convey the emotions you want your audience to feel. It is your job as a film maker to make your audience feel something. For all we know, Kony could not even be real and just because of the way he made the video, making us meet Jacob, relating everything back to himself and his son, making it all a personal relatable experience, we will believe that there is actually a real threat out there for the people of Uganda.
It has been prove that the LRA is a threat to the Ugandan people and other countries around but my main concern with this video is how someone can sell you and one hundred million people a story, that might be a lie, so easily. The media gives a chance for people to control and manipulate our needs and wants and it is scary to see it in action.


One thought on “Media, Politics and Society

  1. I think you have a great point here about how people are manipulated into feeling something or believing in something. I can relate to this idea because for my research paper I am also talking about how social media affects presidential elections. The media in itself seems to have become the major form of advertising so everything that appears is selling a story and is targeted to an audience. Media is not no longer about the news it has become mainly about entertaining viewers.

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