Robot Humor

Fun fact: I am completely terrified of technology. I am terrified of what is coming in the future. I held out on the iphone for as long as I could, and sometimes it still freaks me out, even though I am completely attached to it. I cannot even watch the commercial for google goggles. It is terrifying to think of what technology can do and all that it may do for us in the future. When I saw that this weeks on the media was about Robots, I had to convince myself to keep listening. I read the descriptions for each individual section before embarking on the hour long segment on one of my greatest fears. I am pleased to say I was pleasantly surprised. I really enjoyed this weeks segment. The one that stands out the most is definitely the one on Robot Humor. If my technology could make me laugh, I think it would terrify me a whole lot less. But it really go me thinking, is this computer incredibly advanced, or is our sense of humor dull? If a computer can generate a joke based on a formula, is our sense of humor completely predictable? It really got me thinking about what makes something funny and if this is an achievement in technology, or just a lack of advancement on our part. 


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