My Semester Project!

Hello Everyone!

For my semester project, I created a blog centered around the media’s misconception of the dance world. I wrote posts attempting to break down several stereotypes that dancers have to deal with on a day to day basis. I also posted videos of pieces I find incredibly beautiful and important to the art, as well as post images of some of the most important names in the modern dance industry. I posted quotes that I felt really encompass what dance is and what makes it the beautiful art form that is held so dear by so many. I also reblogged a ton of beautiful images that I found showcased the dancer in a great light and showed the side that mainstream media often does not display. I tried to keep this blog as informative as possible, while reinforcing the fact that while I was attempting to break stereotypes, I did not want to start new ones. Every dancer is different, I just wanted to give the perception from a dancer who is far outside of mainstream medias ideas of what a dancer should be.

I hope you enjoy!



2 thoughts on “My Semester Project!

  1. I love the concept especially since you are a part of the culture. Granted I did know of other dance forms outside of twerking but I did not know about the outside pressures that dancers have to dance and look a certain way. The pictures and the videos posted on the blog gave great visuals to the context that was presented. Furthermore, I must say that I have found a new respect for both female and male dancers as a whole but did not know the great shape that the male dancers were in which arguably exceeds the limits of other sport athletes.

  2. I really liked your blog especially after working with you guys all this semester on Swaggin’Bach. I truly had a lot of fun throughout the process and I have a huge admiration for the art now. Also your blog is a great place for people like me to see what dance actually is. It not only breaks down the stereotypes people have about dancers but also educates them about the art. You did a wonderful job!

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