Advertising & Culture Jamming

When doing further research on examples of culture jamming, one image stuck out brilliantly. The image is of a man, or woman, in a protective suit which keeps their body safe from toxins. The suit looks similarly to the one’s worn by bomb-dissablers. The man or woman in the suit is holding a long pole with a McDonald’s happy meal hanging at the end of it. At the other end of this rectangular image is a boy with a disgruntled face, who resembles Charlie Brown. The boy looks almost queazy as the man in the toxic-preventive suit is handing him the happy meal.

Of course, this image is supposed to instill the idea that McDonald’s is not healthy for you, which is obvious. However, the reason this image is significant within the genre framework of culture jamming, is because of how exact the McDonald’s happy meal looks. The logo and box are drawn exact. Although the location of the image is undisclosed, McDonald’s is a global brand which everyone knows, therefore this image extends to a broad audience, and not just one specific target.

Furthermore, I couldn’t agree more with Kateri’s post about Urban Outfitters. Unfortunately, we live in a society where the more Instagram likes you receive, leaves a more rewarding feeling on someone, rather then receiving a good grade on paper/exam. Anyone who knows Urban Outfitter’s knows that they religiously sell clothing with loud/controversial messages behind them, and this is just another prime example of that. 


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