Culture Jamming

Culture jamming is the act of paryoding advertisements and directing the attention of the original message away from those viewing it. Culture jamming is the belief that others should have the same opportunity to express themselves just like cooperate ads express themselves.  I go about my day passing by these cooperate advertisements and I do not even pay that much attention to them. It is interesting to me that there are people out there that truly care about, and are offended by corporate advertising so much so that they go out of their way to alter the message of these advertisements.

An example of culture jamming would be things such as street art, where artists are exposing their own personalities and beliefs for everyone in society to see as well. Another example would be women speaking out against advertisements of very thin models, because they feel that it makes the women who do not look that way insufficient and self-doubting. We are not given the choice to be exposed to corporate advertising, but through culture jamming people are given the opportunity to express how they feel about something.

In my opinion I think culture jamming is not harmful, but good for society. It is also entertaining in a way, just as, or even more entertaining than a regular corporate advertisement. Although the message being given by a culture jammer can be either humorous, or  provocative, they are just trying to get a message across. Culture jamming is designed for people to take action by attempting to alter the advertising industry which to me is harmless.


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