Response to Thursday’s Class

The internet is probably the great last frontier of untamed culture, the Wild West of unrestricted creativity and production. Do you want to make your own movie? There’s a plethora of free editing and production software at your disposal to slap together a quick movie or video. Do you want to watch someone else’s self-produced video and run it in to the ground with the harshest criticism you can dish? You can do that too. We’re all producers, consumers and critics. Probably the greatest example of a solid platform of would-be producers is crowdfounding. Sites like Kickstarter and Indie Gogo make terrible ideas like this poorly designed ‘ergonomic’ water bottle with no practical purpose except to be as cumbersome as possible, viable. You can directly contribute to the conception of this travesty with a few clicks. If by some miracle this project reaches its funding goal, you receive your very own water bottle to impress all your friends. Or, maybe you are possessed with the rare genius of the inventor, and would like to share your own idea with the world. In that case, you can set your own funding goal and eventually develop your idea and make it a reality. 


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