Citizen Journalism

Participatory journalism also known as “citizen journalism” is definitely a type of news source that is becoming more prominent in our digital era. I can somewhat say that I agree with Lavroux’s argument that “participatory journalist feel compelled to practice journalism because they feel as if professional journalist aren’t doing their jobs”. The reason I somewhat agree with this statement is because as we discussed in class the media is quick to have an abundance of bias in their news coverage, and citizens don’t know what to believe so they feel as if they should cover the story themselves. On the other hand ¬†participatory journalist are subject to do the same thing because weather they believe it or not they are “covering” the story from their point of most of the time. Tommy Sotomayer a well know youtuber covered the story of Ferguson with his own spin on the situation, this a prime example of how anyone can utilize the internet to cover news stories, he even goes to the extreme of touching on racial profiling.

I also feel like professional Journalist work hand in hand with participatory journalist because they interview different types of people who have their own views on the story being covered. its also interesting to see people on the Internet poke fun at some news reports, an example of this is Sweet Brown “Ain’t nobody got Time for That”. All in all I feel like no type of journalism is going to be completely unbaised, if so it is very hard to do so because we naturally use bias word choice.


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