Paul Eisele Blog 2

Pracipatory journalism is the new trend of people who are not actually trained journalists yet, record and submit audio or video segments that are used and viewed by others. This is sort of an alternative to mainstream news or ideology, although it can also be used to convey a specific agenda or promote certain views. For the most part however, pracipatory journalism or citizen journalism can be a witness account of a new worthy event or happening. This is true of the riots and overall chaos happening in Ferguson MI. Such events have been recorded and analyzed by such networks as Fox News, CNN and the like. However events and riots are also be captured on video by the people who are experiencing it take place, in this way, people can just put a camera in their backpack and be journalists. Instead of cable or network television their platform is YouTube or another outlet website. In this example, I found a video of the moments directly following Michael Brown’s death. At this time no national network had sent correspondents yet and few were probably aware of the incident.  It those who were there were able to capture those moments of film and upload them for the world to see. In this way the  witnesses are being the producers and creators of this media and they’re able to make it available to thousands of people. The people in this video, with no journalism training or experience, are projecting they’re thoughts and analyzing the events as they’re happening. This creates a closer chronological following of the incident but perhaps not the most well thought out or accurate in terms of coherent thoughts and viewpoints. These are some issues with pracipatory journalism when the event being filmed is so controversial.


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