Participatory Journalism

Participatory Journalism is when public citizens play an active role in the process of collecting, reporting, analyzing, and disseminating news and information. Now a days when people are out, they always have their phones with them. Whenever anything that’s interesting is going on out in public, people will always have their phones recording or they’ll be taking pictures. It’s a new form of journalism that informs others that they were there and witnessed what they put up. One example that I can think of is the death of Eric Garner. This happened over the summer and I can remember, I was hanging out with my friends and one of them clicked on one of the videos. It showed how the police was choking Eric Garner, which then led to his death. This topic was trending all over twitter. Now everybody was talking about it and you could see plenty of videos of what happened. You could go on YouTube and actually see some of them. They show the cops choking him out and Eric Garner yelling that he couldn’t breathe. This ultimately led to his death. This gave cops a bad image as if it isn’t somewhat damaged already. Now with the shooting of Michael Brown, cops are at low point now. You could see videos of the shooting online now too. I remember watching a video of some guy recording Michael Brown’s dead body. His blood was surrounding his body and the guy recording it was just saying he couldn’t believe what he saw. These videos are being shown all around the world and it’s all over social media. Anything that happens will most likely end up in social media especially with the public being able to record or take pictures with their phones. These types of events and others will be more accessible and easier to find.


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